What are the specificities of the Oracle cards?

Divination is the art of discovering what is often unknown such as the future, the hidden, mysteries, secrets, etc. through divinatory means like cards.

The Oracle

An Oracle is a message interpreted through an object or an event. Having no common structure or history, oracles are part of different cultures but are intended for divinatory purposes. The intent of the oracles is not the prediction of the future, but it can be an interpretation related to self-knowledge or spirituality. There are various oracle cards in a tarot deck.

The Oracle cards in a nutshell

The Oracle cards have their own structure that only follows the logic of the person who designed them and can be used either for exclusive predictions or personal development. Usually made up of 32 cards divided into 2 families or 45 cards without any other structure or also 55 cards without numerical order, the Oracle cards can help their holder to not only have a better life whether on a personal, professional or creative level but also to have more mental enlightenment.

The particularities of the Oracle cards

The Oracle cards have several benefits, one of which is that, unlike the Tarot, they are easy to master. According to the designer of these cards, there are several specific ones according to their use which in turn varies as follows: - Personal growth: daily application of the positive thoughts of philosophers, the law of attraction, etc. - Prediction: for the sole purpose of predicting the future or a situation. - Therapy: usually carried out by health professionals for autonomous therapeutic work. - Guidance: simple to use, they provide clear and immediate answers. - Personal evolution: aimed at a better knowledge and discovery of oneself, the understanding of a situation as well as a spiritual elevation. The boxes of oracle cards are accompanied by descriptions of their particularities. For instance, therapeutic cards are clearly defined as such in the description, and the same applies to personal development cards. Oracle cards are specific and come in several types according to the research and the need of each person. They are often used to predict the future, grow spiritually or evolve personally, etc. Unlike Tarot cards, they are more practical and easy to read, especially for people who are new to divinatory practices.

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