Getting started in tarot clairvoyance

If you happen to have decided to take up tarot for any reason, you should first know that learning this divinatory skill is not easy, as it requires the use of different techniques. Indeed, knowing the meaning of the tarot cards is not enough. You will still need to deepen your knowledge on the subject.

A mind that is willing to learn

Before starting with divination tarot, you must start by totally immersing yourself in it. It is important that you establish a connection between yourself and your cards. Under no circumstances should you treat them as mere pieces of cardboard. Prepare yourself by putting aside all your worries. Sit down in a quiet place, this will help you to focus more easily on your job. Once you feel ready, start unpacking your cards. Look carefully at each one and see what sort of reaction it produces in you? Do you remember any experiences when you saw them? Write down all your feelings during these moments, as they will be needed to help you move forward. You must remain open to your emotions and above all not repress them.

Create a common story

Once you have made the Tarot cards your own, you must establish a connection between you and your deck. To put your stamp on the latter, take the cards in your hands and touch them. This is how you can transmit your own energy to them. At the same time, you will also get to remove all the negative energies that were surrounding them. On the other hand, it is recommended that you carry your tarot deck with you for a short time. This is the best way to bring it into contact with your energy and definitely make it yours. You will find it easy to read them once you have established good communication with them.

Start with simple draws

To understand the message your tarot deck delivers, you must start by knowing the meaning of each card. Know that a single card does not convey a message on its own and that the other cards must be taken into account to do so. That is why you must learn and master their meaning. At the beginning of your training, use only a few cards. The more cards there are, the more difficult they are to decipher. Go for draws with 3 or 5 cards so that you don't get lost. It should also be noted that the number of cards does not influence the information transmitted and that the answers to a question are the same, whatever the number of cards.

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