How can I find out what a dream means?

If you want to know what a dream means, there are a few ways to go about finding out. You can keep a dream journal and track patterns, look up symbolism in dream dictionaries, or talk to a therapist or…

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Do the colours of the aura have a special meaning?

According to esotericism, the aura is a halo of light that surrounds the body or head of a person. Each one of us has seven layers of aura, and the first one reveals the etheric body. It changes colour according…

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Who are the most famous guardian angels?

A guardian angel watches over each of us and helps us in our lives. A large part of our destiny as well as our choices are based on contact with them. In total, there are 72 guardian angels, 3 of…

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Communicating with the dead: which esoteric practice to resort to?

Communicating with deceased loved ones, the afterlife, spirits or ghosts is a paranormal phenomenon and such an experience usually requires you to consult a medium or psychic. In the field of occult sciences, scammers abound and some precautions should be…

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Who should you consult if you have been cursed?

Do you feel as if a bad spell has been cast on you, that an evil influence is disrupting your existence? In many cultures around the world, it is said that bad energy or curses can be discharged on a…

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Where to buy the right ingredients and tools to start doing magic?

Magic is a very old practice performed by wizards and psychics. When we talk about this subject, we are not talking about magic tricks performed by magicians to impress their audience, but rather referring to traditional wizardry, the rituals performed…

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