To what extent is the mirror time 20:20 linked with the tarot judgement card?

Both mirror hours and card reading are integral parts of the divinatory tools. Although they both have their own means to achieve this, a discernible link is nevertheless traced between the two. There are indeed no coincidences in esotericism, only messages to be interpreted!

What exactly are mirror hours?

Mirror hours are considered to be a divinatory practice that is a branch of the esoteric field. Insiders in the field of clairvoyance believe that the mirror hours carry a message from the beyond. Others believe that the mirror hours are the right time to make a wish. There are many prejudices concerning the mirror hours. However, a mirror hour is a branch of numerology in divination that makes use of time. It is when numbers repeat themselves with regard to time. This mirror hour phenomenon usually only takes into account minutes and hours. Mirror hours carry, among other things, the messages of the individual guardian angels. Here you can find all the facts you need to know.

Card reading, an inevitable branch of fortune telling!

Card reading is one of the most popular and widely used tools of divination today. It is above all through the tarot that card reading is best known. It consists of a pack of cards used by the initiate. The recipient must cut and draw the cards. The initiate will then be in charge of determining and analysing the most probable future of the person through the drawn cards. This is generally the principle of fortune-telling. However, it happens that several branches of esotericism have a link. This is the case with mirror hours and fortune-telling.

The concrete link between the 20:20 time and Tarot de Marseille

Tarot de Marseille is one of the most famous and used tarot cards in the field of fortune-telling. Taking into account the interpretation of the 20:20 time and the fact that it is linked to the judgment, the twentieth card of the Marseille tarot stands out. The fact is that there is no coincidence in the field of esotericism. It's all about clues and secrets that the recipient must take into account to reveal his or her most likely future.

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