11:11: what power does this mirror hour hold?

Synchronicity is visible when you regularly see numbers 1111 on your clock or watch. While some people believe that this is simply a happy coincidence, others hope for a better spiritual explanation. So what does the 11:11 mirror hour represent and where exactly does its power materialise?

What exactly does the mirror hour 11:11 mean?

What is the significance of the 11:11 mirror hour?  The most revealing belief about 11:11 is that one of your guardian angels is trying to communicate with you. Through synchronicity, it is showing you that it is there to protect you. Noticing this number on a screen can mean that you are on the right track. This mirror hour 11:11 indicates rebellion, nervousness and a thirst for power. This hour defines a call for calm. It is possible that you are going through a great deal of stress or that you are distracted by a problem hindering your well-being and that of those around you. You should take a few minutes to breathe. When you add up this mirror hour 11+11, you will have the number 22. In numerology, this number prompts perseverance and constancy.

A positive thought is related to seeing this time

The mirror hour 11:11, although it might seem purely coincidental, may in fact hide a spiritual message. It is on December 21, 2012 at 11:11 that the new era dictated by the Mayan calendar began. By focusing your attention on this time, you become more aware of yourself and those around you. This is a beautiful thing, since your loved ones have so much to teach you. They are always there to help you out of a difficult situation or dead end. According to the experts, the 11:11 mirror time predicts that it is time to be careful with your relationships. Those around you point out that you like someone a little too much. Beware, you may suffer greatly from this. Love should be a source of fulfilment and you always need to evolve in a serene and healthy relationship. Keep your feelings under control and take a moment to listen to your loved ones. Note that their outside view is very important!

What is the number 1 symbol of in numerology?

The number 1 is important, especially if it is your personal number. If you see more of the number 1, your connection with spirit guides and angels is powerful. Anywhere in the world, millions of people see these exact times, which means that they want to bring their worlds out of its turmoil through personal fulfillment. Also, if you notice the 11:11, it is a sign to go and capture your present moment. So live it to the fullest, it's the only time you can act before it slips away.

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