Who are the most famous guardian angels?

A guardian angel watches over each of us and helps us in our lives. A large part of our destiny as well as our choices are based on contact with them. In total, there are 72 guardian angels, 3 of which are the most famous in history. For each astrological sign, there are exactly 6 angels, hence the number 72. Without further ado, here is an introduction to the most famous guardian angels.

The history of guardian angels

Since the dawn of time, people have called upon higher beings to help them make important decisions in their lives. From the most sacred ancient traditions, the very first stories related to them were found in the High Initiatic Schools of Atlantis and were later taken up by the Egyptian and Hebrew traditions. It was through closer study of a certain passage in the Exodus that Kabbalists uncovered the existence of the 72 guardian angels and their names.

The three most famous guardian angels

Throughout history, three guardian angels have been renowned worldwide. Of the seven archangels who are the pillars of creation, Michael is the prince. Along with Gabriel and Raphael, he refused the dark desires of the rebel angel, Lucifer. Michael is the most famous of all the guardian angels because he is the most powerful and is known for his fight for justice and faith. Gabriel, the messenger of God, helps those who have problems, especially with communication. Raphael is the guardian of the people. His mission is to maintain order and peace and is renowned for coming to the aid of those in distress on an exceptional basis.

The well-known but not very famous guardian angels

Among the 72 celestial guardian angels, Ariel springs to mind. His mission is the protection of nature and all those who live in it. He also helps people in their daily lives. Uriel watches over the whole world and Chamuel is considered a guardian angel of power, war and courage. They are among the guardian angels that are often in people's minds and intervene according to the astrological sign. Communicating with them is done through prayer but some people touch upon the idea of esotericism.

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