Do the colours of the aura have a special meaning?

According to esotericism, the aura is a halo of light that surrounds the body or head of a person. Each one of us has seven layers of aura, and the first one reveals the etheric body. It changes colour according to its energy field or life force. Here is a detailed look at how this actually works...

How can one see the aura?

To observe the etheric body, one must lay his or her hands flat on a white sheet of paper and observe it intensely, preventing the brain from focusing with the eyes to the point that the outline becomes blurred. This blurred outline represents the light energy of each person and changes colour as it happens. To visualise the atmosphere of a person, one should do a deep breathing exercise to release stress and allow the extrasensory feelings to flow. Then, he or she must turn towards the individual and stare at a point close to them. Quickly, an aura will develop around the person, expressing his or her personality and state of being.

The meaning of warm colours

Warm aura colours reveal strength and power which can be both positive and negative. Red depicts energy, warmth and vitality, just as it can express revolt, anger and hatred, depending on its intensity. Combined with brown, it indicates fear and acute doubt. But it can also signify desire and passion when it is light with yellow highlights. Orange is quite similar to red, but the energy it gives off is more symbolic of egocentricity. A bright yellow symbolises intense intellectual activity and spirituality. But when it is dirty or muddy, it is cunning, selfish and greedy.

The meaning of cold colours

The cold colours of the aura symbolise stability and confidence. Green represents balance and healing. But depending on the case, i can take on a negative aspect and might express deep selfishness, greed, and even deceit and jealousy. Blue traditionally expresses intuition. If it is deep, it reveals a religious character. However, if it is black or brown, it gives way to a dark spirituality. Violet indicates good vitality and symbolizes compassion and understanding. It is also the colour of royalty because it is considered noble and pure. As for white, which combines existing colours, it is synonymous with perfect settling in and union.

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