What are the skills required in a good numerologist?

Numerology is the practice of attributing meanings to numbers, allowing for the prediction of events. Many citizens have now embraced this method of clairvoyance. There are also many practitioners who are asserting their presence, whether physically or online. Indeed, becoming a numerologist does not require any particular certificate, but a thorough knowledge of numerology. Although online training courses are offered, for the time being, there is no accredited training. So how can you tell the difference between a real professional and a scammer? The answers are found in this article...

Experienced numerologists are always willing to learn!

Numerology is a work based on identities, especially the date of birth of the consultant. It, therefore, requires a thorough knowledge of symbolism. At the same time, some knowledge of psychology and a good intuitive ability are required. However, it should be noted that all these skills are acquired and strengthened with time. The knowledge of symbolism is often achieved through books and/or information passed down in the family from generation to generation. But a practitioner must have enough experience to make his or her consultation reliable. Especially since he or she must also learn to rely on his or her instinct. As for knowledge in psychology, it is a personal learning process. Since no training in numerology is offered, a practitioner relies on his desire to learn for himself. That said, there is neither a limit on the length of study nor on the subjects. Hence, before picking a numerologist, make sure that he or she has not only been working in the field for a long time but also continues to deepen his or her knowledge of the job.

Interpersonal skills: listening and empathy

Like with all practitioners, you know you're dealing with a true professional numerologist when he or she is a good listener. Moreover, listening is the basis of a good consultation. On the other hand, a numerologist has to communicate his or her predilections to the client with a lot of discretion. In the case of poor vision, the numerologist must be able to show empathy both in the way he communicates the results of the consultation and in his intonation. In fact, psychological knowledge is very important at this point.

Knowing how to put clients at ease

A good numerologist must also be able to establish a relationship of trust with his or her client. This is a very important quality since it is the role of the client to judge his or her work. If the consultant is suspicious, it is possible that he or she may even distrust the predilections communicated by the numerologist. In addition to customer satisfaction, this trust will lead a client to give positive testimonials about the numerologist in question.

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