Do mirror hours have a real meaning?

Do you often see the same numbers on the hours and minutes of your clock? Numbers like 11:01, 12:12, 13:13 and other hours that are identical to their minutes? If your eyes happen to meet these exact times, you are at a mirror hour. Indeed, each of these times have different meanings and interpretations.

What is the meaning of the mirror hour 11:11?

Generally speaking, there are several types of mirror hours. However, the 11:11 one is the most common of the lot. But what is the exact meaning of 11:11 in the world of numerology? It indeed has many meanings in numerology, among these being the presence of spring in the seasons. It is therefore seen as a renewal, a starting point for an event, a rebirth. However, if we add the number 1, its power will be increased tenfold. The 11:11 mirror hour also conveys messages. Firstly, it reassures you that you are protected by your guardian angels and that you are on the right track. Secondly, when it comes to your love relationship, the 11:11 am mirror time reminds you to be aware of your needs and to be alert when opening your heart. It is an important reminder to stay focused on your positive features. Then it allows you to prompt rebellion, nervousness and a thirst for power. You are therefore advised to get back to basics. Finally, if you add up 11+11, you get 22, which in numerology means perseverance and consistency.

What is a mirror hour?

A mirror hour is a phenomenon that occurs when the number of hours is identical to that of minutes, such is the case for 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, etc. However, it should be noted that they are explanations and interpretations specific to each person. Thus, mirror hours transmit messages sent by the guardian angels, the Universe as well as the spiritual guides to communicate with you. Undoubtedly, mirror hours can transmit important messages from the spiritual world.

Why are mirror hours present in our lives?

Mirror hours appear in our lives for various reasons. They can solve our problems, clear up our confusions, guide us through dilemmas, bring us good news, warn us of danger, help us strengthen and build relationships and aid us in finding the love of our life. 

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