Numerology of the first name

Your first name reflects your personality and reveals your future aspirations. Thanks to its numerology, you will learn more about yourself and the opportunities you will be able to seize.

First Name Numerology: how it works

Your first name has a considerable influence on your behaviour and desires. It also tells you what you most want to acquire and achieve in your life. Numerology will help you to better understand your first name's meaning by adding up the letters that compose it, which will give you an active number ranging between 1 and 9.

How to calculate your active number?

Each letter of the alphabet is associated with a number btween 1 to 9, as follows: A, J and S = 1. B, K and T = 2. C, L and U = 3. D, M and V = 4. E, N and W = 5. F, O and X = 6. G, P and Y = 7. H, Q and Z = 8. I and R = 9. To get your active number, add up the numbers that make up your first name. Example: for the name Bea, we add the numbers 2 + 5 + 1 = 8. Her active number is therefore 8.

First name numerology: meaning

Using the active number, the numerology of your first name reveals your prevailing character traits. Number 1 represents nervousness, creativity and opportunism. You are the type of person that doesn't let him or herself be pushed around. Number 2 symbolises exchange, duality and human contact. You are a highly sensitive person, a good communicator, and a great romantic person. Number 3 embodies originality, free thinking and balance. You are full of imagination. Number 4 embodies discipline, order and organisation. You like it when everything is in order and follows a clear plan. Learn to let go from time to time. Number 5 represents curiosity, activity and dynamism. Being very curious, you are always looking for new adventures. Number 6 represents responsibility, harmony and generosity. As a great dreamer, you can sometimes be distant, so take care not to disconnect from reality. Number 7 symbolises melancholy and observation. You are a great calculator and leave nothing to chance in your life. Number 8 symbolises stubbornness, impulsiveness and action. Learn to lt go a little professionally and emotionally. Number 9 embodies altruism, idealism and emotionalism. You are usually very loyal to those closest to you.

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