A psychic's task is to reveal what the future holds for you

Predicting the future

The revelations obtained during a clairvoyance session must be treated with caution. After all, predictions are more about probability than certainty.

Mirror hours: what do they mean?

A mirror hour is a phenomenon where the number of hours is the same as the number of minutes, for example: 01:01, 11:11, 20:20. These numbers, Mirrorhour explains, are messages that your angels, spirit guides and the Universe send to you to communicate with you.

The mirror hours work through synchronicity, a term coined by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung to explain the phenomenon where two or more events seem to be connected but have no causal link. There is therefore a hidden meaning when we are confronted with frequent coincidences such as mirror hours.

Psychics and light channels

A light channel has the power to communicate with other planes of consciousness. He or she manages to master his or her mind in order to transmit the messages, visions and teachings of beings of light.

To become a channel, one must be aware of the earthly and invisible reality, the latter carrying higher vibrations. The channel masters his or her mind and identifies his or her limits and excesses in order to better control them.

Psychic consultation

Make good decisions with the help of a fortune-teller

Fortune-telling practices


Tarot reading is a divination practice that brings together the unconscious and the invisible forces.


Western astrology is a discipline that requires a good understanding of symbols and a relevant interpretation of events.


The universal language of numbers allows us to discover hidden information about the world and each individual.


Esotericism denotes a system of teaching that helps people to learn about hidden dimensions, symbols and fields.

How to unearth and exploit your mediumship?

Mediums can feel, perceive and communicate with worlds that are unavailable to the 5 senses. They possess unique gifts that allow them to communicate with spirits. This esoteric notion groups together different abilities such as clairvoyance and telepathy. Different people have different experiences.

Depending on their respective powers, some oracles are more sensitive to the energy of a place while others are more sensitive to the energies released by people. All in all, a psychic acts as a channel linking the visible world to its invisible counterpart.

People who decide to exploit their mediumship gift benefit from invaluable opportunities: those of changing their apprehension of reality while developing their spirituality. Note that those who acknowledge and develop their mediumship are considered apprentice oracles.